Question 1:

What is the EgLex Association? Is there anything wrong with human rights in Monaco?
The Association has been called EgLex from a combination of words égalité and lex (“law” in Latin). National legislation is fundamental in preserving social order but also instrumental in promoting social progress, equal opportunities, fair treatments, individual liberties, and family integrity. Our Association seeks making social transformations reality, not mere words. However, it all starts with discussion and raising awareness on different issues in public.
Yes, indeed the social progress opportunities provided by the European Convention of Human Rights and by the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights need observation, promotion, and an action helping the society in Monaco to benefit from them. However, we also believe that we – here in Monaco – can contribute to social transformations for the benefit of the whole Europe and even the world in this ever-evolving field.
The human rights topic is quite wide and we understand that we cannot embrace all possible areas. Therefore, we would like to initially focus on social progress relating to family integrity as the core unit of society that can support or impede the growth of a child, future member of society. We would like to raise discussion on the roles and responsibilities of men and women in family partnership, promote respect and recognition for their contribution in unpaid work of child rearing and household organisation.
As to the current situation related to recognition of unpaid contribution to family’s wellbeing, unfortunately, Monaco is behind its European neighbors. This is what one finds in the Concluding observations of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women. An area of particular concern is marriage and family, and certain medieval traditions.

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